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Bag it

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Love these old time bags. These are so perfect to store those opened bags of sugar, flour, etc. Here is a link to a website that sells these along with lots of other items from the years past.


Eyes wide open

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The day is finally here. The puppies eyes are open. I was so excited to come home and see 6 little eyes. I had that “proud mother” look on my face like I had something to do with it.
Then it hit me what comes next, walking! Uh oh. Time to make sure nothing is in the reach of their little mouths because if there is they will find it! And shred it! But even with that thought I was still smiling, anxious to see the next step in their lives.
So what’s a mother, or should I say grandmother, to do? So I let my feelings do the walking and picked the first one up to give it kisses. Then I held it in front of me to look in it’s little eyes, thinking they are probably so happy to finally be able to see the lady who talks to them all the time. Then it happened. His little tail stiffened as he let out a little grrrrr lol. I must be having a bad hair day. So much for them being excited to see me 🙂

Peanut and the puppies

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Peanut and the puppies

Ok I have to share a little bit about the babies in my life right now.
Peanut, my chihuahua, had 3 babies 2 weeks ago tomorrow. After pushing for 2 hours she had to have a c section. All 3 were put on oxygen as they were so little. All 3 of them fit under 1 of my hands. I was saddened when they told me they didn’t know if they would make it. All went well and they got to come home with me that night. My granddaughter Taylar calls them Dukie, Geeky and Little Puppy lol. I’m anxious for their little eyes to start opening. The picture was taken yesterday.
Stay tuned for more posts and pictures of mama and the babies and their progress.

Good Old Days

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As a child I remember going to my great grandmothers house and reading one of the best magazines that I thought existed at that time. Good Old Days magazine was the excitement of the trips to my grandmothers. I remember reading the stories and looking at the ads as I flipped through the pages, making sure not to miss anything. I would dream about the old days while looking at the advertisements for all of the products that used to be available at one time. I never got bored looking at the magazines and my excitement would rise when I knew we were going to grandmas.
After grandma passed I never saw another Good Old Days magazine.  30 years went by filled with many memories of those. Until one day looking at another magazine I saw a subscription card for Good Old Days. I was so excited as I raced to fill out the card. I couldn’t believe they were making them again. To my amazement I learned they never stopped. As a 9-year-old child I thought the magazines grandma had were all saved from the good old days, never knowing they were being published at that time. I still get excited when my new magazine comes in the mail and when I sit down to read it I am reminded of sitting on the floor at grandmas with the magazine in front of me. This is one of the biggest inspirations behind my blog.
If you have never read one of these magazines I invite you to pick one up and let your mind wander back in time to the good old days.

My first post

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Welcome to the Country General Store blog. I have chosen to center my blog around things that make you feel warm and at home. Whether it be something for your home, a recipe, an idea or a simple picture. I love things from the past when life was simpler and things were appreciated more. I love the rustic look in a home and things that make it feel like a warm and cozy home. A bowl of chicken and dumplings, cold milk and warm chocolate chip cookies, a good book to read or a soft blankie to snuggle with while drinking hot chocolate and watching it snow.

I am excited to get my blog going and I hope you will follow me through a journey filled with coziness and simplicity.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave comments.