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Eyes wide open

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The day is finally here. The puppies eyes are open. I was so excited to come home and see 6 little eyes. I had that “proud mother” look on my face like I had something to do with it.
Then it hit me what comes next, walking! Uh oh. Time to make sure nothing is in the reach of their little mouths because if there is they will find it! And shred it! But even with that thought I was still smiling, anxious to see the next step in their lives.
So what’s a mother, or should I say grandmother, to do? So I let my feelings do the walking and picked the first one up to give it kisses. Then I held it in front of me to look in it’s little eyes, thinking they are probably so happy to finally be able to see the lady who talks to them all the time. Then it happened. His little tail stiffened as he let out a little grrrrr lol. I must be having a bad hair day. So much for them being excited to see me 🙂


About tlp1967

A mother of 2 grown girls, grandma of 2 little girls, mother of Peanut my chihuahua and grandma of her 3 puppies. I enjoy the simple things of life and I love things that give me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

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