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Peanut and the puppies

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Peanut and the puppies

Ok I have to share a little bit about the babies in my life right now.
Peanut, my chihuahua, had 3 babies 2 weeks ago tomorrow. After pushing for 2 hours she had to have a c section. All 3 were put on oxygen as they were so little. All 3 of them fit under 1 of my hands. I was saddened when they told me they didn’t know if they would make it. All went well and they got to come home with me that night. My granddaughter Taylar calls them Dukie, Geeky and Little Puppy lol. I’m anxious for their little eyes to start opening. The picture was taken yesterday.
Stay tuned for more posts and pictures of mama and the babies and their progress.


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A mother of 2 grown girls, grandma of 2 little girls, mother of Peanut my chihuahua and grandma of her 3 puppies. I enjoy the simple things of life and I love things that give me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

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