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As a child I remember going to my great grandmothers house and reading one of the best magazines that I thought existed at that time. Good Old Days magazine was the excitement of the trips to my grandmothers. I remember reading the stories and looking at the ads as I flipped through the pages, making sure not to miss anything. I would dream about the old days while looking at the advertisements for all of the products that used to be available at one time. I never got bored looking at the magazines and my excitement would rise when I knew we were going to grandmas.
After grandma passed I never saw another Good Old Days magazine.  30 years went by filled with many memories of those. Until one day looking at another magazine I saw a subscription card for Good Old Days. I was so excited as I raced to fill out the card. I couldn’t believe they were making them again. To my amazement I learned they never stopped. As a 9-year-old child I thought the magazines grandma had were all saved from the good old days, never knowing they were being published at that time. I still get excited when my new magazine comes in the mail and when I sit down to read it I am reminded of sitting on the floor at grandmas with the magazine in front of me. This is one of the biggest inspirations behind my blog.
If you have never read one of these magazines I invite you to pick one up and let your mind wander back in time to the good old days.


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A mother of 2 grown girls, grandma of 2 little girls, mother of Peanut my chihuahua and grandma of her 3 puppies. I enjoy the simple things of life and I love things that give me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

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